What’s the best vinyl patio door in Dallas-Fort Worth TX?

What’s the best vinyl patio door in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas?

Today we will take an in depth look at vinyl sliding patio doors. We’ll explore what makes them a great choice for you. Plus compare the difference between doors. As well as what affects the price.

What features make a good patio door?

Vinyl patio doors are available in different standard and custom sizes. There are differences between basic and quality patio doors. Let’s look at what makes a quality patio door first.


  • Saddle sill with heavy duty dual rollers provide for easy operation
  • Interlock at meeting rail helps reduce air infiltration
  • Insulated double-strength tempered glass adds strength and dependability
  • Warm-edge spacer system maximizes energy efficiency. Plus, improving the seal performance of insulated glass units

Product Details:

  • 4-9/16” frame depth (two-track systems)
  • 6-7/8″ frame depth (three-track systems)
  • 7/8” insulated glass
  • Fin and Fin-less frames
  • Laminated Storm Armor glass package includes. A metal interlock, impact-resistant glass with HP low-E, argon. Plus, preserve film to protect the glass until installation is complete.
  • 4-Panel configuration available on 1617 knockdown only

Performance Ratings:

  • U-Value: 0.23–0.36
  • SHGC: 0.12–0.28
  • VLT: 0.23-0.60

Glass Options:

  • Tempered (Standard)
  • Low-E
  • HP Low-E
  • Argon enhancement
  • Impact-Resistant Glass Package available

Grid Options:

  • 7/8” flat grids-between-the-glass
  • 11/16” sculptured grids-between-the-glass
  • 5/8” flat grids-between-the-glass


  • Brushed Chrome
  • Brass
  • Color-matched
  • Bright Chrome
  • Black Nickel
  • Black (exterior)

A quality vinyl patio door will add years of trouble-free operation and beauty to your home. These doors will save you money. Custom options to fit your style and energy efficiency to reduce your utilities. With Laminated Storm Armor Safety Glass. This door can withstand the harsh weather of North Texas.

What features do basic vinyl patio doors have?

One way to save money is to install a builder’s grade or basic, vinyl patio door. While limited in features. These patio doors are great for rental houses and investment properties. Also, for improving your current door while on a budget. Here are some features to look for in a basic vinyl patio door. These doors are only available in standard sizes.

  • Virgin Sunshield™ PVC Vinyl
  • DuraSeal™ Warm Edge Flexible Spacer System
  • 7/8″ Tempered Glass
  • E-Z Glide Sashes
  • Fusion welded sash and main frame
  • Raised, Non-Corrosive Aluminum Sill
  • Adjustable Rollers
  • Sliding Screen
  • Interior Thumb Lock
  • Matching Color Hardware with Wood Grain Handle
  • Thermal Break Threshold

How to install a vinyl patio door the correct way.

  • De-glaze the glass with heat and a putty knife
  • Remove the old door frame without damaging the opening
  • Prepare and level the door opening. Use proper flashing, foam and sealants
  • Set the new door level, square and plumb
  • Place composite shims on head, jambs and sill before installing composite installation screws
  • Adjust the height and operation of the sash
  • Install lock-set and keeper
  • Install 3 1/2″ composite screws on the keeper side of the door and into the framing studs for added security
  • Install bug screen
  • Apply proper interior and exterior sealants
  • Clean frame and glass

Summary, what features to look for in a vinyl patio door.

If you enjoy outdoor time on your patio. A quality vinyl patio door is the best choice for you. Quality vinyl patio doors, tested to withstand 10,000 cycles of operation. Plus, with energy star ratings to match replacement windows. These doors are beautiful, durable, and efficient. You can expect to pay a minimum of $2,450.00 for a quality vinyl patio door with upgraded glass.

If you are a landlord, investor or want a door that is more efficient than what you have now. A basic vinyl patio door is a great choice for you. These doors are durable and efficient while saving you money. You can expect to pay a minimum of $1,350.00 for a basic patio door with upgraded glass.

Whether you choose a basic or quality vinyl patio door. ProTex Remodeling has you covered with a Manufacturers Limited Lifetime warranty. As well as a Lifetime Labor Guarantee.