The number 1 reason new black replacement windows cost so much and how you can afford them.

Why do black replacement windows cost so much?

You may be wondering, what is the number 1 reason black replacement windows cost so much and can I afford them? Did you ever drive around your neighborhood, and see those trendy new black windows. And think to yourself, wow those are nice, how much do they cost? So, you decided to get an estimate from a reputable window dealer in your area and you about fell over when you got the price.  We’re going to shed some light on what drives up the price of Black and custom color replacement windows.

Should I use black replacement windows?

A few years ago the choice was only between white, beige and clay. People choose white well over 90% of the time. There’s a reason why every window manufacturer makes white their standard color. But, now we have black windows as an option. As well as, custom painted exterior colors.
At ProTex Remodeling we use both black and white windows in our customers homes. They’re both excellent choices. White is the most popular window color for most projects. Yet, for some projects a black window is the better choice.
Why choose black or a custom painted color? Why do black replacement windows cost more?
  • Contrast. If the siding is light and I want more contrast I use colored windows.
  • Modern. Black windows are an ultra modern look which is often the style our customer wants for their home.
  • Style. If the home is Modern, Transitional or a Modern Farmhouse then black or a custom color is the best choice.
  • Cost. Black and colored windows cost more money. Usually 25-40% more, so the project needs to budget for them.

Why do black replacement windows cost more?

Why do black replacement windows cost more? Black replacement windows are a larger investment than standard replacement window colors. Colored frames of any kind adds complexity to the manufacturing process. Sometimes outsourcing, adds to the cost of manufacturing. Instead of relying on replacement window extrusion where the color is solid all the way through. Manufacturers have to remove the product from the production line and paint it. Most manufacturers that paint their windows use a special bonding agent. As well as, special paints, engineered to perform on their specific window material. Some vinyl extrusion manufacturers use what’s called. Co-Extruded frame, or Foil Wrap frame. This is a manufacturing process where the bonding of color adds to the extrusion. Co-extruded vinyl is more durable and lasts much longer than a painted exterior. Think of it as a laminated kitchen countertop.

Manufacturing challenges of black replacement windows.

The up-charge for choosing black or custom colored window frames is here to stay. Until manufacturers launch black as a color additive blended into the vinyl. That is how white, beige and clay windows are manufactured.
The challenges with dark windows in Texas.
The number one challenge with black replacement windows in Texas is the heat build up on the window frame. Depending on the material, the window frame can exceed 210 degrees in the summer heat. The increased temperature of the black window frame puts extra stress on the glass. Often this can shorten the life of the insulated glass unit and increase seal failures. Plus, with vinyl windows. If not installed to manufacturers specifications. The heat build up may cause the frames to twist. Plus, with aluminum windows the dander of getting a burn from touching the hot window frame is a concern. Another challenge is window fading from suns UV damage. Painted windows are going to fade much faster than a co-extruded window. Both painted and co-extruded, only give you a 15 year warranty against fading. Keep in mind, most vinyl window manufacturers have not been making black windows for 15 years. This is an arbitrary number at best. Your black replacement windows may last much longer, no one knows yet. Aluminum manufacturers have been making dark color  replacement windows for decades. Aluminum replacement windows will chalk and fade over time. When that happens, there is no way to fix them.

How much does a black replacement window cost?

How much does a black replacement windows cost? The answer varies as all manufacturing processes are different. Some manufacturers will paint the interior and exterior of their window surfaces. While most vinyl replacement window manufacturers only offer a black exterior with a white interior. Plus, aluminum replacement windows come in both black and bronze extrusion. These different replacement window color options show in the price. Here are some ranges of what a black frame will add to the cost of a replacement window by manufacturer and material type.
  • Vinyl with a white interior with black co extruded exterior. $225.00 – $295.00 per window
  • Vinyl with a white or tan interior with painted exterior. $265.00 – $350.00 per window
  • Fiberglass with a painted exterior. $300 – $425.00 per window
  • Fiberglass with a painted interior and exterior. $350.00 – $450.00 per window
  • Fibrex with a painted exterior. $275.00 – $375.00 per window
  • Fibrex with a painted interior and exterior. $325.00 – $475.00 per window
  • Wood with an exterior cladding. $350.00 – $700.00 per window.
  • Aluminum windows in black or bronze. $175.00 – $5300.00 per window

In Summary. Are black replacement windows the best choice for me?

At Protex Remodeling. You should always get what you want as long as it fits into you budget and design ideas. With great financing options to make your colored windows a reality. The only thing you should be cautious of is the manufacturer’s warranty when it comes to colored replacement windows and fading. New black replacement windows are a large investment no matter what color you choose.  I would recommend only choosing a co-extruded black vinyl replacement window for this reason. Black replacement windows will give you that curb appeal that will make your neighbors jealous. When deciding on a black replacement window, it’s important that you understand the difference between a good and a bad installation. Here is a link to our post on installations. When it comes to black replacement window styling and options, ProTex Remodeling offers only the best choices for your home. You can see our installations on the ProTex Remodeling YouTube channel.