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 House Siding Services

There are several reasons to install new house siding. Whether you’re looking to replace existing siding to repair damage or looking to overhaul the esthetic of your home, nothing can transform your curb appeal like new siding. Unlike installing new landscaping or paint, new house siding is a long-term commitment that will make a dramatic improvement in your home’s appearance and can increase the property value. 

Choosing the right house siding contractors and materials will give you a beautiful home you can take pride in. Making the wrong decisions, however, can leave you with headaches and lost money if you’re not careful. 

There are a few things you should consider when it comes to your home’s siding:


Moderate temperatures are best for siding installations, and it’s best to plan your installation for the Spring or Fall season.

You should also consider the condition of your gutters, roof, and shutters. Roof repairs should be completed before installing new siding and having them done together may decrease the overall cost.

Types of House Siding in Texas

There are countless options when it comes to types of siding. Learn about house siding ideas now. How do you know which is best for your home? Below are some popular options:
Fiber Cement will last a lifetime and is a popular option for today’s standards. It’s also fire-resistant, which may decrease homeowners insurance. 
Steel is durable, extra thick and so strong it’s approved for 6-story buildings. It also offers superior weather-ability and color retention. 
Diamond-Kote Siding Composite withstands extreme temperatures and humidity and is another great option.
Craneboard SolidCore offers a wide range of colors that are all ASA capped for amazing UV resistance. More Craneboard details. 

What are good house siding options for North Texas? 

That being said, choosing the right color will not only enhance your home’s curb appeal, it could also be more attractive to buyers and increase your home’s value. 
Drive around your neighborhood for inspiration. If you do need to replace shutters, gutters, or your roof, you’ll also have to consider how your new siding will compliment those features. Also, if applicable, be sure to check with HOA to see which colors are approved for your neighborhood. 
Homeowners sometimes opt to go the DIY route in an attempt to save money. Although admirable, this can often lead to nightmare projects gone wrong. 
Siding installation can be complex. Years of experience and special tools are required to get the job done right. Hiring professionals can get the project done correctly, in a time-efficient manner, and with less cost in the long run.
Bottom Line
Siding is always the first thing people see when driving past your home. With the right siding professionals by your side, your home’s appearance will be rejuvenated, and not to mention, more valuable.
We service home improvement projects from Fort Worth to Grand Prairie. Learn more about our replacement siding services or Contact us now for a house siding quote. 

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