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Forth Worth Siding Replacement 

One of the questions we get here at ProTex Remodeling is why should I replace my siding instead of repairing it? There are several reasons to replace your existing siding on your home. We focus on Fort Worth Siding Replacement services because we understand the needs of the regions and the best siding to use for the climate. 

Fort Worth Siding Replacement Services

From Dallas to Fort Worth the weather can damage even the best siding materials intentions. Rotted, cracked, or loose siding can lead to structural damage and water leaks. Both can be costly to fix if your siding is not replaced. Siding replacement offers more than protection from the weather. With advances in manufacturing and design.

The Fort Worth Siding Replacement services add value, curb appeal, improved energy efficiency, and lower maintenance requirements. It will save you money over time!

Great reasons to replace your house siding in Fort Worth

  1. New siding can increase your home’s resale value. No more ugly house.
  2. Moisture damage inside your home’s interior, is usually caused by damaged siding.
  3. New siding can lower the cost of your electrical bills.
  4. New siding replacement can quiet the interior of your house.
  5. Craneboard laminated siding reduces sound transmission and adds insulation.
  6. House Wrap and radiant barrier is often installed to protect your home
  7. Warped and damaged siding is unattractive and lowers your home value.
  8. Rotting, fungus, mold, and insect damage on the surface of your home’s siding. Leads to unseen damage inside your wall.
  9. Seam separation in siding or uneven boards are unattractive.
  10. Old Masonite siding is subject to deterioration leading to siding failure.
  11. New siding is resistant to destruction by animals
  12. Ongoing maintenance. Old siding requires constant upkeep and painting.
  13. New siding is low maintenance and saves you money
  14. Prolonged weather conditions. Texas rain and hail can damage and get behind even the best siding. Your old siding doesn’t stand a chance against severe weather.

Great choices for your siding for Ft Worth

Diamond-Kote Composite Siding An industry leader, Diamond-Kote composite siding is worth the investment. Engineered for performance and low maintenance.

Providing the ultimate protection against extreme temperatures and humidity. Diamond-Kote withstands winds of up to 200mph and resists fading from the sun. Making Diamond-Kote siding the perfect protection for your homes exterior.

Engineered to withstand hail and the North Texas weather. Plus, the Diamond Kote siding durable factory finish reduces your maintenance costs over many other siding options.

Does house siding have a warranty? 

Your new Diamond-Kote siding, guaranteed by a 35 year no fade warranty. Lifetime labor guarantee, included with all Diamond-Kote siding projects. Craneboard Solid Core Laminated Acrylic Vinyl Siding System.

If you’re looking for a clean, contemporary and low-maintenance look for your home. Get a Craneboard Side Cost quote, contact us now.

Core siding system is a great option for you. Available in a wide range of colors that are all ASA capped for amazing UV resistance. Craneboard Solid Core Siding offers you true design flexibility.

With a built in moisture management system. SmartTrack™ prevents trapping water and moisture behind the siding. We install Craneboard Solid Core Siding with a vapor barrier. Adding an extra layer of moisture protection. Continuous hidden vent soffit adds proper attic ventilation to your home. Custom aluminum capping protects your fascia, window and door trim from the elements.

Craneboard Solid Core Laminated Siding, covered by a Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Fiber Cement Siding Fiber Cement is a good option for siding your home. Fiber Cement siding is durable, long-lasting and an excellent value.

Fiber cement siding requires annual maintenance. Fresh paint is a must to protect fiber cement siding. James Hardie requires proper maintenance for warranty repairs. Fiber cement siding is a masonry based product. It is heavy and requires special fasteners to withstand harsh weather.

Engineered to withstand the demands of your specific climate. Fiber Cement siding is fire resistant which may lower home insurance rates. Steel Siding Steel siding is amongst the most durable siding on the market today.

Steel siding is also available as a seamless option. Steel siding installation is like vinyl siding. Steel siding does use a j-channel around all openings. Engineered for years of bad weather and abuse, steel siding will last a lifetime.

Ft Worth Siding Replacement Warranty

Backed by a 50-year warranty and is available in many designer colors and profiles. Steel siding is a good choice for the homeowner looking for long-lasting durability.

Fort Worth Siding contractors protect your home from harsh weather

Locally owned, we understand the needs to protect your home from the harsh weather of North Texas. Choose from a variety of color choices and installation for siding replacement. Try driving around your neighborhood for inspiration and then speak to our team of Fort Worth Siding replacement experts to help finalize your decision. 

h Many homes in your neighborhood have chosen ProTex Remodeling for their siding replacement. If you need to replace shutters, install new gutters, or replace your roof.

Do you offer HOA siding contractors in Fort Worth? 

You’ll also want to consider how your new siding will complement those features. Also, if applicable, be sure to check with your HOA on approved colors for your neighborhood.

Plus, choosing the right color combination will enhance your home’s curb appeal. Proper color and profile combinations will be more attractive to buyers. Increasing your home’s value.

Homeowners sometimes opt to go the DIY route in an attempt to save money. Although admirable, this can often lead to nightmare projects gone wrong. Siding installations can be complex.

Requires years of experience and special tools to get the job done right. Hiring a qualified, factory-trained professional, will get your siding project done right the first time. As well as, in a time-efficient manner, and with less cost in the long run. Your choice is clear.

Exterior siding is always the first thing people see when driving past your home. Your siding either makes your home look beautiful or in need of repair. With the Fort Worth Siding Replacement professionals at ProTex Remodeling by your side, your house is in good hands. Your home’s new siding will look so good it will make your neighbors jealous. Not to mention, more valuable and lower maintenance. Every home is as unique as the people who live in it.

Local Siding replacement in Fort Worth

Helping to guide you through the process of replacing your home’s exterior siding every step of the way. Our professional Fort Worth Siding replacement experts will show you trending profiles and color combinations to update the look of your home. This can add curb appeal and increase the value of your home.