Protecting the Work Area.

Protecting the Work Area when cutting a hole in the house.

ProTex Remodeling specializes in Opening Alterations. When deciding to add a new opening or altar an existing opening in your home. It is imperative that you know and trust that the contractor you are trusting the outcome to has the knowledge and skill to do the job right. This is a window installation on the first floor of a two story home. What you will see in this video is how we build a support wall to hold the weight of the second floor while we re-frame and install a new laminated beam header to hold the weight of the load above the opening. In this video there is also major electrical near the work area and an outlet that has to be moved by a licensed electrician. The outcome of this installation can be seen in our other YouTube Channel Videos. We Expose the Truth about the Window and Door business in North Texas on our videos so please like and subscribe to our channel.